All audiobooks and demos were recorded in my own studio with my own professional equipment.

Martyn Swain - voice-over artist
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I have worked as a professional simultaneous interpreter for more than 30 years: Why is this important? How does this help a voice actor or narrator? Well, I can quite genuinely claim to have told more of other peoples’ stories than just about anyone else on the planet. I interpreted for Nelson Mandela shortly after his release from prison in South Africa and have interpreted at the highest level for major international organisations and world leaders.
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"I have shared many a booth with Martyn, servicing NATO meetings at the highest level and can state that Martyn is a Conference Interpreter of the highest quality. As a Senior Interpreter with NATO today, I'll just say that I would gladly work with him again, such are his professional and personal qualities"

Charles Cassels NATO
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My experience as a simultaneous interpreter enables me to adapt easily and quickly to new narrative and discourse: it also compels you to listen very carefully to what someone is trying to say, to be able to convey it effectively in another language. It teaches you to be acutely aware of how something reads or sounds. Having worked as an interpreter using English, French, German and Spanish, if you have a script that has been translated from one of those languages, it makes it easier for me to understand what you are trying to say, and whether the words you have chosen in English are going to do justice to the original. Can I perform? If I tell you that I have acted with a professional repertory company in the UK, acted in film and TV in South Africa as well as having worked in current affairs broadcasting using English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch, I think it is safe to say, “Yes, I can”.

"As Artistic Director for venue-based and touring theatre productions, I have been impressed by Martyn's talent as a versatile professional actor. His understanding and delivery of text, in leading classical roles or vignettes, his creativity and care in rehearsal, and general practicality and helpfulness make him a popular member of a hard-working team who could always, over a wide range of material and challenges, 'deliver the goods'"

Freda Kelsall Little Theatre, Hebden Bridge